Top 5 HaCKS for a Sociolinguistics Symposium

The Sociolinguistics Symposia are the world’s largest gatherings of researchers in the field of sociolinguistics and hub to the latest advances in sociolinguistic research. Started in 1976 as a meeting to address the scarcity of sociolinguistic research in the UK, the Sociolinguistics Symposia have now flourished into an international affair as one of the most important events on any sociolinguist’s calendar.

Having attended now my first Sociolinguistics Symposium (SS21) at the University of Murcia just recently, this blog post aims to give practical advice about how to get the most out of (or HaCK, if you excuse the pun) attending a Sociolinguistics Symposium as a young researcher or a newbie to the conference world.

Murcia University Library. Photo by Andrew Bradley.

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