Welcome to HaCKS!

HaCKS (Historical and Contemporary Knowledgebase in Sociolinguistics) is a student-led forum based across the Universities of Sheffield, York, and Leeds.

We aim to approach key topics in linguistics from a sociolinguistic angle and provide a twofold platform for discussion of these issues: a programme of workshops and an accompanying blog where continued discussion can take place.

Through cross-linguistic and cross-disciplinary interfacing, the forum encourages dialogue among research staff and students working not only in the fields of contemporary and historical sociolinguistics, but also in diverse but related academic fields.

The HaCKS project was originally created in the 2015-2016 academic year and has been resurrected with the aim of continuing to facilitate debates within sociolinguistics!

Our topic this year (2018-19) is indexicality. Specifically, we are interested in whether this term is under-theorised in research on language variation. For a more formal outline of HaCKS’ aims please click here.